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Data recovery from damaged disks, flash drives and other types of media

I had photos stored on a flash drive and now it's empty

Strange sounds are heard from the computer's hard disk and the computer does not start

Our disk storage did not recover after replacing the faulty disk

A Damaged Disk May Not Mean Data Loss

Nowadays, most documents and information are stored in electronic form on one of the data carriers - hard disk, SSD disk, flash drive or memory card. Each of us has ever encountered or will encounter a situation in which one of the media fails and data is lost. If there is no backup, a serious problem arises. However, in most cases lost data can be recovered. These are not always simple tasks that you would be able to handle from the comfort of your home, which is why we offer a data recovery service.
We can recover data from HDD and SSD disks, RAID disk arrays, flash disks and memory cards, but also from mobile phones and other devices and media. The price and processing time depends on the type and extent of the damage.

If you suspect that the data medium is damaged, you should stop using it immediately and have it professionally diagnosed or backed up. In most cases, postponing the solution of the problem means a subsequent increase of multiple times in the price of data recovery.


Did you know that...

saving lost data does not always mean tens of thousands of CZK to recover it?

What Can We Do



Hard drives are still found in most desktops, on older notebooks, and are used in most external drives or storage devices. They contain a number of moving parts and are generally among the most susceptible to mechanical damage. The disk controller may also fail. We offer data recovery in the event of mechanical damage and damage to the electronics.

SSD a Flash Disks

SSDs and flash drives are electronic data storage devices that differ from conventional HDDs - they have no moving parts, offering significantly faster data transfer speeds. They are less susceptible to mechanical damage from drops or shocks, making problems with the device's control electronics all the more common.

RAID Disk Arrays

We are able to salvage data from damaged hardware and software disk arrays even without knowing their configuration. We are able to recover data on all types of disk arrays such as RAID 0, RAID 1, or RAID 5.

Mobile Devices

We also save data from mobile devices - phones, tablets. We are able to recover data even from malfunctioning or damaged devices.

Case Study 

Client: Private businessman

Problem: Selhání raidového úložiště

Our solution:

A client contacted us for advice after an external raid storage failed. After replacing one failed disk from the raid array, the array was not reconstructed and after several failed attempts the storage stopped responding altogether. The client first tried to resolve the issue with the manufacturer's support, but he was unsuccessful. He therefore contacted us. All disks from the storage array turned out to be functional, we even managed to retrieve the supposedly non-functional replaced disk. After creating backup copies of all the array disks, we were able to identify the parameters of the RAID 5 array used and with that knowledge, we then used specialized software to restore the original array and we were able to give the client his copied corporate data for further use.


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