Sale and Rental of HW and SW



Sale and rental of specialized HW and SW for digital forensics and eDiscovery

We need a reliable supplier of SW and HW for digital forensics that can also advise and help us.

We want to do our own investigation, but we do not have the necessary equipment and the purchase of specialized HW and SW will not pay off for us.

We are preparing our own workplace for eDiscovery and forensic analysis and we would like to have them designed and delivered on a turnkey basis according to our needs.

HW and SW rental for digital forensics and eDiscovery

In many cases, it is not worthwhile for an organization to set up and operate its own digital forensics or eDiscovery facility. In this case, it may be possible to purchase this service externally - but this may not be desirable in many cases. Whether due to internal or legal rules, the sensitivity of the data being examined, or the higher cost of these services. An alternative in this case may be to rent the necessary equipment and use your own professional capacity. For such cases we offer: 

  • rental of specialized HW for secure and reliable deletion of storage media
  • rental of specialized HW for forensically correct data acquisition (creation of so-called forensic disk images)
  • rental of powerful workstations or laptops for analysis of large volumes of data
  • rental of complete workstations incl. installed specialized software for performing forensic analysis and eDiscovery

For each rental, we are able to provide a short introductory training for working with a specific tool. In the case of regular cooperation, it is possible to purchase full-fledged training on individual instruments at a discounted price. 

Performing digital forensic analysis or eDiscovery has never been easier.

Did you know that...

You do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of CZK a year to acquire and maintain the necessary equipment to investigate two incidents?

Who We Work With


CRU Wiebetech

CRU Wiebetech is an American manufacturer of very popular forensic blockers ComboDock and Ultradock and especially the top-of-the-line duplicator Ditto DX.


BlackBag Tech is a maker of the well-known tools BlackLight and MacQuisition for acquiring and analyzing data from devices with macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

MCM Solution

Universal forensic platform for acquiring and analyzing data from Windows, Linux and Mac computers and from mobile phones with iOS and Android. The platform also includes Ballistic Imager - the fastest solution for forensic data acquisition.

Amped Software

Amped Software is the maker of Amped Five which is a unique digital image and video forensics tool, which makes seemingly unusable video recordings a key piece of evidence.


American manufacturer of top-of-the-line powerful forensic stations for easy and fast performance of demanding analyzes over large volumes of data. They also offer specialized stations for password cracking.


Mediarecovery's GM5 Mediaimager is a high-performance forensic duplicator focused on simultaneously capturing forensic images from multiple sources with a very friendly user interface.


Sumuri is an American company whose SW products focus mainly on reliable data acquisiton and triage from macOS systems and on data analysis of Apple operating systems.


MobilEdit of the Czech company Compelson Labs has been a pioneer in the field of forensic analysis of mobile phones since the 1990s and continues this tradition thanks to the latest Phone Forensics Express.

Our E-shops


Firewire Revolution EU offers our entire portfolio of products focused mainly on digital forensic analysis, secure data storage and penetration testing. The e-shop is aimed at forensic professionals.

FARADAYBAGS.CZ offers Faraday bags of our own production with unique design and unrivaled attenuation values, as well as tools for pentesting, secure data erasure and security of computer equipment. The e-shop is aimed at professionals and ordinary users.

Case Study

Client: Distributor of services in industry

Problem: Potřeba řešení interních bezpečnostních incidentů

Our solution:

The client identified the need to resolve internal security incidents in the field of information technology. In the first phase, there were 1-2 cases per year, due to which it was not effective to set up your own laboratory and professional team. Our company cooperated with the client in the form of professional data acquisition and their initial processing. Subsequently, we provided the client with the appropriate HW and SW equipment and training to perform the final analysis of the acquired data.

Currently, the client is already getting ready to purchase specialized HW and SW based on our recommendation for the establishment of their own workplace. We will provide the necessary training - both general and product - to the client's employees involved in the incident investigation.


Dominik Novák


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