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You wont be able to get in it either

I want to be sure that if my laptop is lost or stolen, my data will not fall into unauthorized hands

I need to reliably clean my computer of any remnants of old data so that it cannot be restored.

I have a lot of sensitive data on my mobile phone and I need to protect it as much as possible against misuse.

Everyone should be concerned about the security of their data

Almost all of us have a range of sensitive or valuable data stored on our electronic devices - some on a mobile phone, others on a laptop. For some, it's sensitive personal messages, for others, financial statements, business correspondence, and for others, photographs.
We should effectively protect this data from either unauthorised access or loss - especially with portable devices such as mobile phones or laptops, we can never rule out the risk of theft or loss of the device, and we must also consider the possibility of irreversible physical damage to the device.
We will help you set up your security correctly so that it effectively minimizes the loss or misuse of your data and at the same time does not unnecessarily burden you in the daily use of your device. We will teach you the basic rules of secure work with data on your devices. And it doesn't matter at all that you don't understand "computers". Everyone can do it.

Did you know that...

you can very easily prevent the loss or theft of your data, with minimal costs?

How We Proceed



In order to be able to devise measures appropriate to your way of working and the nature of your data, we will briefly get acquainted with what and how you do your work, where you move and what risks you are exposed to.


Based on the information obtained, we will propose a variant solution for effective security of your data. You choose the variant yourself according to your preferences and according to what you rely on.


We apply the proposed measures, if necessary, we install the necessary software or hardware. We will teach you how to operate everything and you will receive some advice from us for further work.


We meet once in a while and see if everything works as it should. We will verify that the conditions of your work or the scope and type of your data have not changed and if it will be appropriate to adjust some activities or settings.

Case Study

Client: Financial institution

Problem: Former employees are likely to have taken valuable know-how to competitors

Our solution:

We took possession of the personal computers and mobile phones of the former employees from the client, which were taken away immediately after they gave their notice. Using generally accepted procedures, we acquired the data from these devices in such a way that their integrity was not compromised and the output could be used in criminal proceedings in the event of serious findings.

Subsequently, an analysis of the acquired data was performed. Parts of documents and e-mail messages that confirmed the client's suspicions were identified in the system files and deleted data. After breaking protection on one of the acquired phones, parts of conversations between former employees were found, clearly proving the targeted exfiltration of sensitive business data to competitors.


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