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Elaboration of expert reports in the field of digital forensic analysis

We need to prove that a former employee sent business data to a competitor and deliberately destroyed some of our data to harm us.

We are not sure if there is sensitive data in our systems that we don't know about that could be misused.

We need to professionally acquire the data for possible further use in court proceedings or for later preparation of an expert report.

We can see data that others can't see

Nowadays, it is common for most people to use electronic devices. Most of us have data in our pockets that is not only sensitive to the certain person, but also to those around them, and the possible leakage of this data can cause problems. It can be concluded that many devices play a role in criminal cases and their share in this area is constantly increasing. These devices can serve as important evidence in internal investigations as well as in court proceedings. With these resources, a company is not only able to detect fraudulent behavior, but it can also provide the necessary prevention to protect important information.

Keeping confidential information in-house is important for companies. However, it is common practice for employees to retain sensitive documents even after leaving a position and they can use them in other jobs. Detecting these leaks is a complex process that we can help you with. Internal investigations coupled with data analysis are now becoming common practice and can provide important evidence that can then be used in court.

Did you know that...

Your former or current employees are the most likely cause of your valuable business data leaks. 

How We Proceed


Acquiring Data

The first, very important step is to acquire the data properly. Proper data acquisition includes not only the right systematic procedure, but also the right software and hardware to ensure data integrity is not compromised. This is very important for further processing of the device. Working with altered data is easily attacked and may not stand up as evidence.

Data Analysis

Specialised tools are needed not only for collection but also for thorough analysis. Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools, and we are able to ensure error-free analysis results. 


We place great emphasis on the correct interpretation of the results, we create documentation from the first step of our work to the last. We ensure that the documentation is sufficiently professional, that all findings are correctly described, but also that it is understandable to the reader, especially to those who are not experts in this area. If necessary, we can also provide expert report.


Last but not least, it is always appropriate to ensure that a similar situation is not repeated. Once the analysis process has been completed and the necessary evidence acquired, we are able to provide suggestions for action that can reduce the risk of it happening again. 

Case Study

Client: Financial institution

Problem: Former employees are likely to have taken valuable know-how to competitors

Our solution:

We took possession of the personal computers and mobile phones of the former employees from the client, which were taken away immediately after they gave their notice. Using generally accepted procedures, we acquired the data from these devices in such a way that their integrity was not compromised and the output could be used in criminal proceedings in the event of serious findings.

Subsequently, an analysis of the acquired data was performed. Parts of documents and e-mail messages that confirmed the client's suspicions were identified in the system files and deleted data. After breaking protection on one of the acquired phones, parts of conversations between former employees were found, clearly proving the targeted exfiltration of sensitive business data to competitors.


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