Forensic Report



Elaboration of expert reports in the field of digital forensic analysis

We suspect that an employee is committing an illegal act using our HW and SW.

We have been the victim of a security incident and we want to know the cause and extent of it.

I want to document dangerous harassment via electronic means of communication for future reference.

Elaboration of Expert Reports in Accordance with World Standards

We provide our clients with the possibility to prepare expert opinions in the field of information and communication technologies and information security. We provide the necessary documentation along with proper data assurance and analysis procedures. A wide range of analytical and technical tools used for digital forensic analysis in the world are used for the work, which are validated by the international community of experts and whose results are accepted as evidence by courts everywhere in the world.
In particular, we deal with advanced analysis of computers, tablets and mobile devices, but also portable media such as external drives, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs, etc.
We will ensure that our results are defensible and substantiated and are entitled to be evidence in all respects and in accordance with accepted practice in the Czech Republic and around the world. Our years of experience in digital forensics have given us a lot of experience and different perspectives on how to approach cases.

Did you know that...

the list of forensic experts can be found on the website of the Czech Ministry of Justice.

How We Proceed


Desktops and Laptops

Acquiring data from classic PCs and laptops is done by taking a forensic image from the installed disk. This guarantees the integrity of the data acquired and access to all content, including deleted data.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Acquiring data from mobile phones and tablets is quite complicated, and the procedures and scope of data vary from device to device. We use both state-of-the-art software tools and advanced JTAG and ISP methods to read data directly from memory modules.


The analysis of the acquired data is performed using the latest HW and SW. Thanks to specialized tools, we are able to acquire a wide range of otherwise difficult to access data - deleted data, internet traffic artifacts or event history.

Expert Report

The result in the form of an expert report has all the elements required by Czech law, respects established and recognised practice and is provided by a forensic expert appointed by the competent authorities.

Case Study

Client: Law Frim

Problem: Former employees are likely to have taken valuable know-how to competitors

Our solution:

We took possession of the personal computers and mobile phones of the former employees from the client, which were taken away immediately after they gave their notice. Using generally accepted procedures, we acquired the data from these devices in such a way that their integrity was not compromised and the output could be used in criminal proceedings in the event of serious findings.

Subsequently, an analysis of the acquired data was performed. Parts of documents and e-mail messages that confirmed the client's suspicions were identified in the system files and deleted data. After breaking protection on one of the acquired phones, parts of conversations between former employees were found, clearly proving the targeted exfiltration of sensitive business data to competitors.


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