Secure Data Erasing



No one will recover your data

We want to hand over a laptop to the new employee, but we don't want him to have access to the original user's data.

I sell unnecessary IT equipment, but I need to ensure that my data does not fall into the wrong hands.

I need to permanently and irreversibly destroy sensitive data, but I want to keep the disk or flash drive for further use.

What we delete, will no one restore

Without us often realizing this, we store a huge amount of sensitive data on the storage media of our computers - in work life it is contracts, business and marketing information, technological documentation, customer data or other know-how. In personal life, it can be bank information, medical records, private photos and more. Often we don't even realize that this data is still located on the hard drive, even though we think we've deleted the data.
One of the basic problems is that due to the way the data is stored on the disk, deleting it (and possibly emptying the Recycle Bin) does not mean actually destroying it. In most cases, the data can be recovered without any problems. The second problem is the saving of various working or temporary copies by the system itself, the existence of which the user has no idea about.
If we want to prevent the misuse of our data (eg. when selling equipment), it is necessary to destroy the data really reliably. This can be done, for example, by mechanically destroying the data carrier. However, if you want to sell the device with a disk or keep the disk for further use, you need to use special software and hardware that disposes data irreversibly.

Did you know that...

deleting data and emptying the Recycle Bin doesn't actually delete the data, and it can be easily recovered.

How We Proceed


Choice of Procedure

In the first phase, we will assess the feasibility of non-destructive erasure of storage media with regard to client requirements and technical circumstances of the order. If this is not possible, we will discuss alternative solutions with the client.

Reliable and Discreet

According to a protocol, we will take over the storage media and, if necessary, write a Confidentiality Agreement with the client. We rely on the trust of our clients and our reliability and discretion for 10 years. Then we choose the required standard of data disposal security.

Deleted Forever

We safely dispose the data on storage media using specialized hardware and software. According to the client's requirements, we can choose between simple and fast (and yet 100% reliable) method or using methods according to a number of standards (DoD, NIST, CSEC, HMG, etc.).

Handover of the Result

Together with the securely erased storage medium, we will issue a report on the performed data disposal containing a description of the procedures and methodologies used, we will return it to the client for further use.

Case Study

Client: Law Frim

Problem: Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data

Our solution:

A representative of the law firm contacted us when he decided to donate the computer equipment he no longer needed to a selected charitable company. Of course he was concerned about the leakage of sensitive data, as he wanted to donate the technology complete and functional, including hard drives. We dismantled the hard drives from all the devices and used specialized equipment to securely and irreversibly erase them. Because this procedure is non-destructive, the drives could be returned and the devices handed over to new users without a risk to the client.
For the client, we now sanitize computers and external storage media as needed when handing over to new employees or disposing of archive data. We also provide regular training on the basic rules of data security in law practice.


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