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We need professional supervision over IT security, but an internal employee will not pay off

We want to make sure that our external IT supplier does its utmost in the field of information security

We would welcome an independent assessment of planned changes in our IT systems

Professional information security management also available for small and medium-sized businesses

Due to our rich clientele from small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic, we know that it is not always necessary to have a worker in a position of an information security manager. We can replace its function and thus ensure a reduction in expenses for your company, it only takes a few hours a month to get your data protected. We will also try to prevent possible attacks from various sides in the future. As we have been following information security trends for a long time, we will provide you with the best protection that your company will ever need.

Do you use an external company to manage IT, which holds control over the entire system? We've seen cases where IT administrators have helped leak sensitive data from various companies. It is appropriate to think about these risks and think about how to prevent them. We can help you in this exact situation. We will monitor how secure is your internal IT network, establish access to various types of data and we will be able to continuously give you reports and look for possible risks and new ways to secure your network. It is important to note that with the right combination of tools, we do not control or access your data, so we are able to provide the necessary guarantee of confidentiality.

Did you know that...

Many IT administrators purposefully avoid applying basic security measures to save their time?

How We Proceed


We Will Evaluate the situation

Our expert will evaluate the current state of information infrastructure security, identify the most serious shortcomings and present a list of recommended measures, including priorities.

We Will Explain Everything

The assigned expert serves as an independent expert between the organization's management and the IT department or an external IT service provider.

We Help Others

We pass on ongoing recommendations to the existing IT department and consult their intentions with regard to security. We provide the company's management with expert arguments to support its vision in the field of IT.

We Inform

We regularly report to the company's management on the security of the company's information assets, on persistent vulnerabilities and on the progress of the IT department in eliminating them.

Case Study

Client: Retail intermediary

Problem: The IT service provider ignores security issues

Our solution:

Complete management of information technologies of our client is solved by outsourcing. Although the client was not 100% convinced that the supplier took care of the security of the information system, he could not oppose it at a professional level. Based on the input analysis, we identified a number of vulnerabilities, paradoxically, in the vast majority of cases, these were problems that did not require virtually any additional investment, only different system and processes settings and some time. Within a few months, we managed to eliminate most of the most serious problems without noticeable interference in the operation of the organization and without changing the scope of work of the IT supplier.
We now provide the client with regular supervision over the status of the system and compliance with the set policies.


Marián Svetlík

Chief Consultant

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